Think you are pregnant

Almost all of the people who use our services tell us that their first feelings about the possibility of being pregnant is fear. The fear of being pregnant, especially when it is unexpected, is very normal.

We are here to help. You will be met with warmth, caring and a non-judgmental atmosphere. You have options and there is a way forward.  

It is our desire that every woman in Southeastern N.B. who is facing the pros and cons concerning an abortion decision will be offered medically accurate information for their decision making process.  When considering an abortion, your health and safety are important.  We provide a safe and confidential place to assist you in acquiring medically-accurate abortion information as you make an informed choice. When abortion is an option you are considering, our services can help you in your decision.  Make your appointment today for your health and safety. 

Our Nurse and  trained client support workers will help you make an informed choice and focus on your life goals.

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