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Executive Director: Paula Rideout
Email: paula@monctonwellness.ca 


Nurse Manager: Morgan Burlock 

Email: morgan@monctonwellness.ca



Client Service Coordinator:  Gigi Roy

Email:  gigi@monctonwellness.ca

Our Location  


27 John Street, Moncton, NB


About Us

The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton serves all people impacted by an unexpected pregnancy, regardless of age, race, income, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other cricumstances.  We provide caring and compassionate support to women, men, and families focusing on sexual health and unexpected pregnancy.

All information is held confidentially unless disclosure is required by law/or necessary to protect the client or others. 

Our goal is to provide accurate information, relevant services and caring support to the clients we serve so they can make informed decisions.  

The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton is a community-based, Christian charitable orgnaization registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency.  The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton is a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization providing compassionate care to women and families facing an unexpected pregnancy.    

Mission statement:  The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton values human life by caring for, supporting and equipping women and their families.

We are a healthcare facility offering specific care (please read our limitations of service): 

  • Pregnancy testing 
  • Assessment, testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)
  • Sexual health education
  • Pregnancy Options Support

 In addition to healthcare, we also provide:

  • Prenatal & Parenting educational classes (one on one)
  • Post-abortion support
  • Abortion information
  • Adoption support
  • Pregnancy loss support
  • Self-administered pregnancy tests
  • Limited parenting supplies
  • Referrrals to community services

Scope of care:  Our trained team (registered nurse, client service co-ordinator and volunteers) operate under the supervision of an executive director.  We do not provide professional counselling.  If care needs are beyond the scope of services we provide, it is recommended that services of a professional counselor or other healthcare provider be accessed. 

We do not provide ongoing primary healthcare including prenatal care, contraception, abortions or arranging abortions.  If clients do not have a family physician, they will be provided with information about local walk-in clinics.  

The Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton is administered by an Executive Director and governed by a Board of Directors.

We are an affiliate of the PCC and are a member of the CCCC


Registered Charity #:  11904 4287 RR0001

Financial Statement 2022



During the years of 1985-1986, concerned individuals within the city of Moncton and surrounding communities, came together to consider the foundation of a pregnancy centre to serve women facing unexpected pregnancy needs.   They came from all walks of life- pastors, medical professionals, accountants, teachers, housewives, seniors - all with a passion to see the development of an organization that would minister to the specific needs of pregnant women.  Their desire was to found a not- for-profit organization, with a faith-based foundation.  

On November 7, 1986 the Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Inc. was granted a letter of patent and opening date was in 1987.  After renting several locations throughout the city of Moncton, continued growth enabled the organization to purchase our present location at 27 John Street, purchased on September 1996.  

On May 5, 2005, application was made to operate under the trade name of Pregnancy Resource Centre of Moncton. With continued growth and the addition of the healthcare facility offering specific care in 2016, the decision was made to discontinue both previous names and October 2016 the organization received a letter of patent for our existing name - Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton Inc.  

  • We comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements regarding employment, fundraising, financial management, taxation, and public disclosure, including the filing of all applicable government report in a timely manner.
  • All of our staff, board members, and volunteers receive appropriate training to uphold these standards. 

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